Jesus changes everything

Here at the Christian Church at Cogan Station, we welcome everyone to the table. Look around. You will see that none of us are perfect. We try to practice Jesus' "come as you are" approach. We all come to the table with hurts that need healing, habits that need overcome, and hang-ups that need worked through. In Jesus, we find what we need and we want others to find Him as well. So, we welcome you warmly, regardless of who you are or what you have experienced. Join us at His table where we learn how to live in authentic community and help each other become fully devoted Christ followers. Check us out, stay awhile, and watch the change; in all of us.
New Here?

Sunday Services
8:30 a.m & 10:45 a.m.

Our Sunday morning services seek to authentically relate to God through meaningful, contemporary music and biblically based teaching. Dress is very informal.

When You Arrive…

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    We invite you to our Welcome Center located in the main lobby. You will find friendly folks there to greet you. This is a wonderful place for you to ask questions and find out more about our church. They will also help register your children.

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    If you have children aged birth through Kindergarten, we invite you to take them to the nursery on the left side of the main lobby. If you have children 3 to Kindergarten of age, our Welcome Center volunteers will help you find our preschool area. If you have children in 1st grade through 6th grade, they will join you in our worship area during the first part of our worship service. We dismiss these children to go to our JumpStart area following our time of communion. If you have no children, we invite you to proceed to our worship area.

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    Teens (7th-12th grades) join adults in our worship services unless they are serving in one of our ministries on Sunday morning.

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We achieve our mission—making fully devoted Christ followers—through the following core ministries:

Worship Services.

Seeker-friendly experiences where we authentically relate to God through meaningful, lively worship and biblically based preaching.

Growth Cells.

Small group Bible studies for learning how to better love God and others.

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Hands-on experiences to meet the needs of others locally and worldwide. 

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We constantly create other events and environments that complement these core areas.

Children’s Ministry

At CCCS, we believe that WHAT HAPPENS AT HOME IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WHAT HAPPENS AT CHURCH. Therefore, it is our strategy in Children’s ministry that we partner with parents to help them better lead their children. God intends for parents to be the spiritual leaders of their children and for the church to assist parents in their responsibility. We take this partnership seriously and continue to evaluate how we can most effectively help parents.


(ages 3 months -3 years). During both services on Sunday Morning, we have a nursery available. We train and equip our volunteers because we love caring for infants and toddlers and desire to make their time in the nursery a blessing for them as well as their family.

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During both services we provide an opportunity for children aged 3  years old to kindergarten. Children are taught through songs, bible stories, activities, and games so that they are engaged in the learning process.  Children are given take home papers and a refrigerator magnet to help parents continue the teaching throughout the week.


After 1st-6th graders have had the opportunity to worship with their parents during each service, they are dismissed by a slide on the screen to a time of further study into what we call Jumpstart. The children enter age appropriate classes where they apply the Bible Story through activities, games, prayer journals, and memory verses. Children will receive take-home papers for individual study and for the family to continue learning through the week.

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FamJam: 9:55 am   (2nd & 4th Sundays)

Because we understand that parents have the most opportunity to impact their children, we provide a family production where children K-6th grade learn together with their parents.  This strategy allows for parents to have a shared experience with their children which, in turn, afford parents a launching point for spiritual discussions.  This production takes place in the “treehouse” in the basement between our worship services from 9:55 – 10:40am, only from September through May, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  People of all ages enjoy the singing, dancing, skits, Bible lesson, and video for a multimedia, multi-sensory experience.  The Bible Story and focus are the same as those in Jumpstart which provides creative repetition needed for learning.

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Students from grades 7-12 are in our youth ministry called DASH. The name, “DASH” is inspired from the dash that we see on a tombstone. Between the dates of one’s birth and death there is a simple “DASH” and it begs the question, “How did that person live their life? Or in other words, “How did they live their ‘Dash’?

We want to help parents challenge their sons and daughters to think about their lives and why they are here.

DASH meets on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 pm downstairs at the church. The evening includes activities, worship, teaching, and growth cell time. During the growth cells students of the same gender are lead and encouraged by our adult leaders who become an active voice in their lives echoing the teachings of Christ.

Students have the opportunity to attend conferences, camps, retreats, and other events which challenge them to grow in Jesus and with each other. Every summer, students have the privilege of serving on a mission trip to places like the Dominican Republic, Mississippi (after hurricane Katrina), and local projects in Lycoming County.

We strongly value leadership among our students and we help them develop their personal strengths and spiritual giftings.

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Transform Lycoming County
August 1st-5th

Transform Lycoming County is an opportunity for our church to partner with other churches in the area for a week of serving our local communities. It is our goal to show the love of Jesus Christ by assisting those in need in our community as a way to develop deeper relationships within our community. Transform allows volunteers to volunteer one day or all five if they are able and all skill levels of volunteers are needed! We hope you are excited about Transform Lycoming County!

Please fill out the form below if you would like to help make a difference in our community.

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Home Repair Application forms are available in our church lobby at the Family Resource Center. Please feel free to stop by and fill one out if you have a need.

Transform Recap video will go below when I have it

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