Growth Cells

A Growth Cell is a group of 6-12 individuals meeting weekly to embody five characteristics:
Participants help each other apply Biblical truths to each others lives.
Participants deepen friendships with each other as a part of studying together.
Participants care for each others’ need under the direction of the growth cell leader.
Participants learn more about the Bible and apply it to their lives.
Participants partner together in telling others about Jesus.

Everyone who attends CCCS should participate in a growth cell if he or she sincerely wants to explore God. CCCS promotes growth cells as a way of life, not just a program. You are not just learning head-knowledge facts about God; you’re gaining friends for the life-long exploration of God.

“Together with all the saints”… If life is all about exploring God, then we should get others’ help. Exploring God—or learning about God—isn’t just a list of facts that stay in our heads. Learning—about God or anything else—is worthless unless it’s internalized and used. Growth cells do at least two things: give us opportunities to process what we learn and give us support/accountability to practice what we learn.

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Current Growth Cells

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