Heritage Academy

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Heritage Academy is a half-day preschool ministry of CCCS for children ages 2-5 years located in Cogan Station, PA. Our mission is to come along side parents and aid them in preparing their children for kindergarten spiritually, academically and socially. We love kids and are dedicated to maintaining small class sizes and helping each child grow.

Our mornings consist of the following small groups:

  • Connector.

    Free play

    This time allows our children the development of cognitive skills as well as cooperation, sharing, and language acquisition. When children create and participate in activities of their own choosing they learn how to resolve conflicts and develop respect for rules and the opinions of others. It is through play that children begin to gain a sense of self and an appreciation for their abilities. Children learn to manage stress and gain self control. They also have an opportunity to express themselves to others by rehearsing behaviors and practicing skills that assist in monitoring their own emotions.

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    Circle time with music

    This is an activity that serves several functions. This is a teaching time, but also and interactive time. This is a good time to notice the positive and encourage (never push) all children to participate. Time spent on this activity will help children to learn behavior skills, such as sitting and listening, that they will need for years to come.

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    Bible Time

    This is an activity that allows us to bring to life our mission. Bible time is the most important time of the day and should be recognized as so. This is a time for us to show children the love of Christ and how to implement his morals and values into our everyday life.

  • Connector.

    Art class

    This time allows us to focus on the fine motor skills of our students as well as their creative skills. Art is a time that children should have the opportunity to be creative but also follow directions when needed. Art projects should be tied into our weekly theme and challenge children strengthen the muscles in their hands.

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    Gym class

    This time allows us to focus on the gross (large) motor skills of the children in our care. Structured games and materials should be provided to challenge and improve the abilities of the students.

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    Kindergarten focus group

    This time allows our children to be exposed to the skills they will be using in Kindergarten and the remainder of their school experience. We focus on letter recognition, alliteration and writing, as well as introducing letters and counting. Children will be writing their names daily as well as practicing letter formation.

Parent Review

“Hey I wanted to take a minute to THANK YOU and the school SO very much for such a wonderful preschool year! My husband and I really struggled in making the decision to keep our daughter back for the year. However we are absolutely sure that we couldn’t have made a better choice! We are beyond amazed how much she has learned and grown because of Heritage Academy. It truly is the biggest blessing! Also to thank you for the support during our very difficult time when our home was flooded. Your kindness and that of others is SO appreciated. We are greatful and so thankful for the both of you. Our daughter misses the two of you and ALL of her classmates terribly already. We will definitely be in to visit and say hello during the Wednesday night services when they start up again! So again we can’t thank you enough and are blessed beyond words to have been able to do this. We will definitely be recommending Heritage to everyone we know!”

-Angela G.

Our 2018/2019 (Sep-May) enrollment will open January 15, 2018.
A completed application with registration fee will reserve your child’s spot in our program for next year.
You will find a link at the bottom of our page that contains the application.

If you have any questions about our program or would like to schedule a tour please call us at 570-651-5724.